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I came in to the convention with a lot of energy brainwise and it stayed with me. I helped quite a lot on the sound desk - a snazzy digital one. UK guest Deborah had asked me to run the desk (her desk) for her sets which were quite involved with many players. Fab to see chums from the states Puzzlebox that i had met at Consonance in California some years ago. :-)

Some sound teching and sets from Silke & Tig.

Silke sang my Superheroes Never Die song translated into German, and a I missed most of it - arrrrgh! - as I'd ducked out to do some technical thing... Just caught the last few bars as came back. Thank you Silke.:-)

I played a 30min set which flew by. Was nice to get the set doen on the Friday - I was quite chilled
set - Love Space Station, Death To The Immortals (Killing Friends Is Fun), Superheroes Never Die, bombarde interlude, Burn The Heretic Fen, Three Headed Girl...
Had fun chat with Puzzlebox after with much laughter.


Quite a bit of sound teching thru the day and soundchecking.
n'Early Music Consort did a great set - loved hearing Sam's Song. :-)
Main Concert (one and two song sets interspersed with auction) went on thru the afternoon .
I sang 2 songs in it - Wonder & Vegetarian Vampire.
A pleasure to see a set by Cosmic Trifle - a supergroup if ever there was one.
Puzzlebox did a great set - loooove those harmonies :-)
Deborah's set was a triumph - an elaborate set of filks of stage musical numbers with big band - genius.

A bit of late night folk circle later - I sang Life Magic & Love for the first time in years - staying up til 3am - my latest filk circle in years...

Another set from Deborah and band - one from the heart this set with some great piano ballads.
I played on 2 tracks with Puzzlebox - one on kalimba and one on lead acoustic guitar! Fun.

Then I won a Sam Award for my song Superheroes Never Die!!! Very cool ! :-)
Which I had to play again at the Sam Awards Ceremony. :-)
Then closing ceremony and then sorting out my CD sales in the dealer room - delighted to sell 20 CDs :-) Thanks to all those who bought one :-)
I didnt stay for dead dog filk - leaving after dinner.
What a great convention - thanks to the concom! and Rick the Rock & Dave who helped so much with tech.


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