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We played at a very jolly joint 60th wedding anniversary & 50th birthday party at Bosworth Battlefield. I;d not been there before so i had a stroll round in the long break.

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Super concert with Dan Britton & Neil Rabjohn with Sally Barker. A night where it all came together. Wonderful sound and lovely crowd who listened and laughed in all the right places.

Our set - Carousell, The Storm, Leaf Boat Dreams, When Will We Be Married, The Alien Jellyfish Song, Snow And The Fire - then we played on 6 songs with Sally.

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Thanks to those who came to Ambient Underground 7 and to our great guest David Conrad Dhonau and Lumière Ogbanje for magic liquid lights as always. I think we picked up some of David's restless energy as the music was quite lively this time and the end jam was HUGE!

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A mellow small wedding of just 45 people or so meant a gig of 3 early sets of songs & dances and home by 11pm.

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That really was an exceptional barn dance. I don't think we've had ever that many dancers up and dancing every dance. The big floor space was full all evening.We do this 2 -3 times a year for many years and this was definitely one of the best.

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The monthly jazz duo gig at the popular Cactus Cafe can be noisy but we always get applause at the end. Tonight everyone listened and applauded every tune. We could do more concert jazz & it was fun to play quiet and hear the spaces. Also cool to play a tune for a couple (who come every month) for their 40th wedding anniversary
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The gig started late so I ran my sets together. Shiny surfaces made for a noisy room with 100 people so I just had to play loud on the piano for a couple of hours which was hard on the hands. Had some nice comments. I was apparently better than last years disco. Got home 1.30am.

fun things said to me -

Mancunian Croupier - play anything Bond-ish?
Me - not really, why?
Croupier - it's a Bond theme night.
Me - ah - they didn't tell me that.
Croupier - no, they wouldn't've done.

"We decided not to have a disco this year. We decided to have you instead."


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Special night at Kontra Roots with fab and diverse acts - Stevie Jones & The Wildfires, Danielle Cawdell, Kings Gambit.
Dan Britton & I + Neil Rabjohn closed the evening and did some old & new & 1 cover.

Set - The Storm, Carousel, West Country Cowboy, Lifespell, For What It's Worth, Journeys End, The Snow And The Fire, The Alien Jellyfish Song.

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Quadelectronic 107 was quite different. 7 of us. No liquid light show, in fact no stage lights. The studio floor had been painted so no furniture. 2 past alumni from long ago revisited. Sound was more noise-based than of late. Vibe in the chilly halflight was quite post-apocalyptic. Fun was had tho..

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It' has been a plan for a while to record a Memory Wire album in the studio with our chum Dave Everitt focussing on minimal music influences - eg Terry Riley, Steve Reich etc... There's often been a minimal element in MWire's music but we thought why not try to go for it for a whole album.
We recorded about 30mins of music in the end. We'll reconvene again one Sunday.


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A bit more of a trek than usual. The wedding ceilidh in Henley-in-Arden was fine and the crowd danced really well. Arrived in late evening sunshine but then the sun set and it got cold and no one closed the big doors so it ggggot cccold.. The food van was a bit slow and made quite a queue which ate into the evening really.


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Wasn't sure how a jazz trio would go at the city bar West End Brewery on a Friday night but it went very well - a really nice vibe and had some cool comments. We hadn't played as a trio for over a year! Time flies.... It was noisy to start with with after work drinkers but it thinned out to more of a listening audience which was cool.

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Kelmarsh Country Fair - outdoors and rainy - but weather much better than forecast - still chilly though. Tiring being in a chilly field for a few hours. We did an early set an noonish, then one 2 hours later.

Govannen @ Kelarsh Country Fair
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OK the album I made with the Buddhist monk is available for download as a name-your-price release (£0 is ok) One kind person has already paid for one. :-) (thank you!) ITunes & Spotify follow in a month or so. It's a 78 minute chantfest. Thanks to Neil Donoghue & Mo Coulson for adding sitar & Celtic harp lushness. I listened back to it after a break - sounds good! :-)
8 months work is completed :-)
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The wedding gig at the big cattlemarket function room was fine with a lively crowd who got into the dances. Had 3 hours to kill between set up & playing so I strolled and passed some time in one of Melton's bleaker chippies while reading a dystopian novel on my phone. Then back to play at the party to see the groom's band. Got home 1am. Thus endeth my 4 gigs in a row...
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Govannen gig at Kibworth Beauchamp was good as ever. Part concert, part ceilidh, part buffet, part bop, and a great appreciative crowd.
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Jazz gig was another busynoisy one but our music was appreciated. Fun chats in the break. A guy asked about the oriental music I was into. I asked him if he meant the Thai Buddhist monk, but a lass said to me, "He means Perfume." I asked her, "Wow, you know Perfume?!" She replied, "Only through your Facebook posts" "Me too" says the guy. :-)
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It's been 5 weeks since the last jazz gig and my fingers certainly enjoyed the workout tonight along the keyboard, even on a busy, hot and noisy night. Was nice to see some friends out there. There was a venue publicity photographer there so maybe we'll see some nice snaps :-)
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Gig was a lovely Anglo-Indian family birthdays and child naming ceremony party in a village hall - for us 4-8pm. They loved the ceilidh dances and it gave the afternoon an activity. It was nice to finish early.

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Quadelectronic 106 was great if a bit chilly. There was 9 of us including 1 newcomer. Music was restrained and arty. I tried out my new bombarde with the effects. :-)
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