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Thanks to all who came to see me play at The Criterion. I had a fun, mellow time and sang *lots* of songs! :-)
The crowd was not huge the day after election night but that suited me and I could relax and play songs I rarely play and have a laugh with the audience.

Set 1 - The Wishing Tree, Alien Phone Invasion, Leaf Boat Dreams, Turn Me Around, Ten Years, Starting Over, Train Of Thought, Surprise Me, Virtual Girl.

Set 2 - bombarde interlude, Love Space Station, Out Of The Blue, Lifespell, Superheroes Never Die, Journey's End, Call Me, Green Clothes, Wiccan Chicken flutes, The Alien Jellyfish Song, Three Headed Girl, Forget About You.


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I don't know whether it's because I had a jazz gig last week or because I've been playing a bit at home, but my fingers were so fleet and spritely over the keys at the gig at the Cactus Cafe tonight. :-)
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I big noisy party for a popular chap in Melton - we did 2 sets of lively music and all seemed to enjoy it. The acoustics of the room was bizarre - turned everything into a roaring mush.
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The Govannen gig in the little pub in Sproxton was pretty lively really... We had just 4 of us as Roger wasn't able to make it and there wasnt room for him anyway in the little corner of the pub. A jolly crowd they were and the sound is always good here with it;s low ceilings.

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Jazz duo with sax player Andy Nicholls gig at Marabel went fine - it was a wrm night and it was fully booked and just round the corner from me. Nice place and they want us back.

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Tired after last night's concert but I'm determined to get stronger - so am walking to St Mary De Castro for the free 1 hour lute & voice concert. Culture, historic building, & exercise. Win x 3

Mike Ashley & Anna Jane Davies - lute & soprano. Such a beautiful sound in the perfect reverb of the ancient St Mary de Castro. Beautiful voice ! Rennaisance Music Of The Eurpoean Courts

Walked home via the tiny Japanese place for noodles, tofu, seaweed and a little sushi & green tea, and then at Attenborough Centre for a coffee & riceflour madeira cake and helped someone with their art installation by carrying some plinths.

4 miles walked, culture & chillin - not a lot of work done but hey...


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I've seen about 25 films Vishal & Shekhar either wrote the songs or performed them. Vishal & Shekhar were cool! Bollywood encompasses so many genres of music, it's quite a trip! Hip hop, rock, jazz, accordion folk, metal, ska, Santana, and sci-fi visuals

1. I heard 3 of my fave ever Bollywood songs ever sung by the guys who wrote or sung them in the films. from films Talaash, Anjaana Anjaani, & RaOne.
2. Yes I was the only non-Indo-Asian there.
3. I knew about 40% of the songs - more if you discount Shekhar's oldie section.

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Bit of a trek 1hr30m+ each way - more like 1hr50m getting there with the traffic. Nice small family do though, and I got some lovely comments at the end. Was a tired boy when I got home at 1.30am though...

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Played a concert  in plush lounge at The Falcon Hotel - such a polite audience! A really nice listening crowd. Still feels strange to be playing in the lobby of a hotel but it's more concert-like than a pub.

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Quadelectronic 108 was an especially good one. 9 of us, 3 from far afield - Chesterfield, Redditch & Nottingham. Arty sounds and an interesting mix of textures. Every time it's a different vibe and sound - which is why we keep doing it. :-)

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Cool to see Riverside play at last. :-) Interesting having heard all the albums to see now how they work. Very centred around the bass, with guitar just an adornment, and the keys hanging off it too.
A single 2 hour set - standing only. So a little tired now and ears ringing a bit despite using earplugs

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Gig at Grants @ Burrough on the Hill went fine with the usual fun crowd there. There was even a little dancing even in the small space. The 5 of us squeezed into this little corner.

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That was a really nice Christo & Dan concert at Kettering Library. Nice to play a whole set again :-) Sold 5 CDs :-)

Set 1 - Carousel, The Storm, Leaf Boat Dreams, West Country Traveller, The Wishing Tree, Sniff The Pony flutes tunes.

Set 2 - Matty Groves, Train Of Thought, For What It's Worth, Lifespell, The Snow And The Fire, Alien Jellyfish Song - encore When Will We Be Married.

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We played at a very jolly joint 60th wedding anniversary & 50th birthday party at Bosworth Battlefield. I;d not been there before so i had a stroll round in the long break.

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Super concert with Dan Britton & Neil Rabjohn with Sally Barker. A night where it all came together. Wonderful sound and lovely crowd who listened and laughed in all the right places.

Our set - Carousell, The Storm, Leaf Boat Dreams, When Will We Be Married, The Alien Jellyfish Song, Snow And The Fire - then we played on 6 songs with Sally.

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Thanks to those who came to Ambient Underground 7 and to our great guest David Conrad Dhonau and Lumière Ogbanje for magic liquid lights as always. I think we picked up some of David's restless energy as the music was quite lively this time and the end jam was HUGE!

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A mellow small wedding of just 45 people or so meant a gig of 3 early sets of songs & dances and home by 11pm.

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That really was an exceptional barn dance. I don't think we've had ever that many dancers up and dancing every dance. The big floor space was full all evening.We do this 2 -3 times a year for many years and this was definitely one of the best.

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The monthly jazz duo gig at the popular Cactus Cafe can be noisy but we always get applause at the end. Tonight everyone listened and applauded every tune. We could do more concert jazz & it was fun to play quiet and hear the spaces. Also cool to play a tune for a couple (who come every month) for their 40th wedding anniversary
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The gig started late so I ran my sets together. Shiny surfaces made for a noisy room with 100 people so I just had to play loud on the piano for a couple of hours which was hard on the hands. Had some nice comments. I was apparently better than last years disco. Got home 1.30am.

fun things said to me -

Mancunian Croupier - play anything Bond-ish?
Me - not really, why?
Croupier - it's a Bond theme night.
Me - ah - they didn't tell me that.
Croupier - no, they wouldn't've done.

"We decided not to have a disco this year. We decided to have you instead."


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