Jul. 30th, 2017

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Birthday party. Nice family ceilidh with friendly people and keen dancers, and good food. Cozy village hall but it worked out ok. Cool to play a nice gig after the break. When there's pomegranate in your black wild rice and there's coconut and coriander in your grated carrot salad and the homemade soft drink is applejuice, lemonade & mint you know it's a posh buffet.

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Thanks to the many chums who came to see us play at the Marquee Stage of Simon Says Festival. We had not done a festival like this for a long time so we were a bit nervous, especially as the field was full of our Leicester music scene peers. Neil Segrott did a great sound for us and we relaxed into it after a few songs. The set just seemed to breeze by. Thanks to Nik Dean for the photos.

Set - The Storm, Call Of The Wild, Song For Eric, Leaf Boat Dreams, When Will We Be Married?, The Alien Jellyfish Song, The Snow & The Fire.


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