Jul. 26th, 2017

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Quadelectronic 110 had variety - there were 10 of us. There were mellow flutey ambiences, riff jams, and wild unearthly sounds which were quite bracing - one such I had with Escape Route.

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I decided I needed a culture daytrip to a city so I came to Nottingham by train & tram on my culture ramble. Several tiny galleries, a mini museum, and a CD shop and tiny dinner.

1. Lakeside Arts Centre - a tiny art exhibition and an exhibition on the Mughal Raj.

2. Djangology Centre - a small archeology museum, and an exhibition of 1960's UK modern art including a Bridget Riley painting I have in an artbook.

then the tram back to town for the...

3. Nottingham Contemporary gallery - 2 very pretentious exhibitions but it's often the way there and I breezed through amusedly as usual and visited the arty nicknack shop but resisted buying.

4. Fopp CD/DVD shop - bought the cheap box of 5 albums by The Association.

5. I ate in a little independant bakery 

then came home.

I;d walked 8 miles!


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