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Chris Conway, Andy Griffiths & Steve Parker
We played a 30 minute set each, and then did a finale of 3 songs each with us playing together. Lovely listening crowd on a gentle night. I sang my very new song "Old Enough"

My Set - Out Of The Blue, Old Enough*, Leaf Boat Dreams, Superheroes Never Die, Love Space Station - + Lifespell (in trio set)
* = new song!

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Mellow jazz duo gig tonight at the Marabel Ristorante with Andy Nicholls. We wuz fab :-) I definitely felt the benefit of yesterday's 2 hour piano gig as my fingers were most fleet over the keys tonight.

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Piano gig in the gardens of the 1331 built Trinity House, - it had been postponed due to weather from a few weeks ago. Bit of a showy stage for background piano at a garden party. Stage & sound system and technician provided just for me!

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Had a gentle rehearsal with Andy Griffiths & Steve Parker for the Three Gentle Men concert in a few days time.

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The Orangery at Kilworth - a very opulent wedding  - huge fireworks, the whole estate hired for 100+ guest rooms, photobooth, ceilidh band (us), disco, hot food buffet, plus...a Leicester City FC ice sculpture!

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Recording session with Mo Coulson went well. We tackled a bit of a 9 minute monsterpiece.

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Fun chilled Govannen gig at Don Paddy's - Dan & Neil's families came along and we played quite a few different tunes including some from our Celtic Earth album to mark its 5th Anniversary.

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Jolly village ceilidh, nice folks, and we were well looked after but jeepers it got cold in that marquee after sundown. Had my emergency Roger Moore poloneck sweater but still froze. Brrr.

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Very lively young crowd at the teepee wedding. A bit chilly & smokey for me come sundown...

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Despite tired head the jazz was fine and we played some new & very old tunes we did in rehearsal a few weeks ago. Plus a couple of chums whose wedding we played at came especially to see us.


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Thanks to the many chums who came to see us play at the Marquee Stage of Simon Says Festival. We had not done a festival like this for a long time so we were a bit nervous, especially as the field was full of our Leicester music scene peers. Neil Segrott did a great sound for us and we relaxed into it after a few songs. The set just seemed to breeze by. Thanks to Nik Dean for the photos.

Set - The Storm, Call Of The Wild, Song For Eric, Leaf Boat Dreams, When Will We Be Married?, The Alien Jellyfish Song, The Snow & The Fire.

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Birthday party. Nice family ceilidh with friendly people and keen dancers, and good food. Cozy village hall but it worked out ok. Cool to play a nice gig after the break. When there's pomegranate in your black wild rice and there's coconut and coriander in your grated carrot salad and the homemade soft drink is applejuice, lemonade & mint you know it's a posh buffet.

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Leicestershire County Council Chairman's Dinner at Beaumanor Hall! Audience view - if you look carefully you may be able to spot my impressive stage set up. They must be fans - they've given me my own hatstand!

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I decided I needed a culture daytrip to a city so I came to Nottingham by train & tram on my culture ramble. Several tiny galleries, a mini museum, and a CD shop and tiny dinner.

1. Lakeside Arts Centre - a tiny art exhibition and an exhibition on the Mughal Raj.

2. Djangology Centre - a small archeology museum, and an exhibition of 1960's UK modern art including a Bridget Riley painting I have in an artbook.

then the tram back to town for the...

3. Nottingham Contemporary gallery - 2 very pretentious exhibitions but it's often the way there and I breezed through amusedly as usual and visited the arty nicknack shop but resisted buying.

4. Fopp CD/DVD shop - bought the cheap box of 5 albums by The Association.

5. I ate in a little independant bakery 

then came home.

I;d walked 8 miles!

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Quadelectronic 110 had variety - there were 10 of us. There were mellow flutey ambiences, riff jams, and wild unearthly sounds which were quite bracing - one such I had with Escape Route.

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Today involved an expedition in a historic disused railway tunnel - one of the first - engineered by Robert Stephenson opened in 1832 by Stephenson's Comet. It was a fun afternoon. You can only travel 400meters in - when we were that far, the guides played a recording of an old steam train to give you an idea of what it was like in use.

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Very sad to hear of the passing of John McDonald, Govannen's first ceilidh caller. A great character and a man of great energy and fun. Govannen ceiliedhs would not be what they are today without him. Thoughts go to Isobel and the family.
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My brother Julian and niece Angela visited for a couple of days from Spain so we...
Went to...
1. the Leicester New Walk Museum to see an exhibition on Prince Edward (VII) visit to the Raj in the 19th century.
2. the Chaat House for dinner.
3. The Leicester Space Centre

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We played a ceilidh set for just 1 hour as there was a band on after us :-)
Bravo to the wedding party tonight who cheerfully negotiated the doors to the garden while ceilidh dancing.
They had an unusual ceiling too...

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So I've reached the end of Karlheinz Stockhausen's 29 hour opera cycle Licht which I have collected since 1981. I've seen 3 of them live. Donnerstag was my first in 1985 and I was hooked - CDs don't compare with live - you miss the sounds move in 3D around you.

I'm not an opera fan and don't even like operatic singing but I've found each one has gems and difficult scenes for me. The ideas are inspiring - I'll never understand it all but that's part of it.
I wonder if they'll ever be performed together in 1 week in my lifetime...

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